Across Your Knee

Robbers On The High Street

Can we walk through the times, the deepening divide?
The damned and the divine they carry on never denied
Oh sweet autonomy, fulfill our borrowed dreams
When it's a crazy day at sea
So cappy please hang onto me

I'll be made to want it so bad
Tease, I'll wait across your knee
Please don't make it burn
Got my lessons learned

Can we see through the plans and symbols used by man?
The fruit, the salt, the sand.
So constantly how we began
Now do we speak too soon?
This human urge to move
I'll meet you in the womb
Our sickly minds we want to soothe

I see the home where my father's from
And as we grow his bones get crumbly
Ours get strong
I see the place where my mother waits
And as she tires her blood in our bodies
Flows along endlessly

Composição: Benjamin Trokan
Enviada por iwant.
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