Times Are Gettin' Ill

Rob Base


You got the time
ta ta tata ta ta times are gettin' ill

Verse One:

Just last week I had a good thing goin
The money was flowin
I had a notion, I made a motion
To get a girl with love and devotion
I went to a disco...ordered a bottle of Cisco
Took a seat, and I looked around
Bobbin' my head to the sound
Of the D.J., OK, this is what I'm tryin' ta say
I heard a scream (AAAAAAH!)
Then a shot rang out (BOOOOOM...BOOOOOM)
That's when I got the hell out


Verse Two:

Gettin ill, with the boys
Somebody yelled (KILL THAT NOISE!!!)
I didn't even front
Pulled out the brand new pump shotgun
He pulled first, that's when things got worse
I didn't wanna raaaaahd no hearse
So I pulled the trigger with a burst...of gunfire
He missed, I hit, and that's the end of it


Verse Three:

There was this girl named Lisa
I was in love with her
This girl was superiuh
She had a Benz and a Audi
She was fly, but the girl was kinda rowdy
I couldn't understand, her plan
A girl like this didn't have a man
So I pushed up, and made my move
To the bass that was real smoove
I pulled her, and now I'm hangin' out...with huh
She offered me coke
I said no cuz I don't do dope
She got mad, started breakin
Started braggin bout the money she's makin
Off of sellin it, for the hell of it
To me it's not irrelevant


Verse Four:

Sittin on a stoop with the rest of the crew
It was nothin' ta do
So we took a walk, through Central Park...it was dark
A car drove up, it was a Mercedes
Filled with a bunch of ladies
The driver was a guy, with a tie, the man was fly
He was a pimp, or a dope pusha
I could tell by the way he mushed uh
Girl in her face
She ran, he started to chase her
And beat her down, to the ground
While the other girls just stood around
We didn't like it...we got mad
He looked like he thought he was bad
Hopped in his car, and he drove away
This is what I'm tryin' ta say

I got the time
ta ta tata ta ta times are gettin' ill

Composição: Robert Ginyard
Enviada por Karina.
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