Get Up And Have A Good Time

Rob Base

(Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah, aw)

[Rob Base]
Now! I want everybody to clap your hands a-lil'
somethin like this
Y'knowhatI'msayin? Cause it's about that time we get
a lil' funky!
(Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh now!)
Now with the help of my man DJ E-Z Rock, and I'm Rob
And we gettin ready to kick it off, a lil' bit
somethin, like this!

[Chorus: various singers] * Rob Base ad lib first time
Hey-eyy, hey-eyy
Let's get up and have a good time, all night
It's gonna be alright
Hey-eyyyy-eyyyy (who it's all about?) *
It's all about the Rob Base, heyy-heyy
Oooooooh, give it to Rob Base

[Verse One: Rob Base]
Nowwww rappers, used to keep me behind the ropes
But I didn't care, because I was too dope
(Say what?) They used to down me, say I ain't
But that's all fine, cause now I'm gettin mine
In eighty-nine, drinkin wine
Maxin with the girl with the nice behind
I used to rap with a guy named Ace
And on his side was me, Base
E-Z Rock in the back on the wheels
Kurt my manager, gettin ill
Stickin up kids, on the block
He met this one girl, then he stopped
Mike and Dave was my managers then
Let's have fun and just comprehend


[Rob Base]
Now I want everybody to clap your hands a-lil'
somethin like this
One more time, c'mon get your hands together
I wanna see everybody out there partyin,
C'mon.. c'mon, c'mon.. c'mon!
C'mon, c'mon, keep them hands clappin cause here we go


[Verse Two: Rob Base]
Profilin, gettin wild and
Watchin all the other MC's get silent
Cause I'm Rob, gettin ready for the showdown
(Showdown!) All the other rappers wanna throwdown
(Throwdown!) Get down (get down!) Funky sound (funky
Flow on the wheels just break it down
Red Alert go bezerk and it won't hurt
Marley Marl +In Control+ with a lot of soul


[Verse Three: Rob Base]
Jeff Fox, the man who rocks the box
Chuck Chillout on the wheels who's gettin ill
DNA is the man who gives you play
Awesome Two is the one who rocks for you
It's true, comin from the Rob Base crew
These are the guys that rock for you
To have a good time is on my mind
Get out your seat cause it's party time


[Verse Four: Rob Base]
Four! Ten seconds left, better score
Got the ball in my court and I'm quite sure
I won't miss this, you won't forget this
You know I won't lose cause I'ma hit this
I got the drummer playin, I got the rhymes rhymin
That's the way I keep it on time and
Jump and scream and shout and yell and pray
And say, if it's a party, say HEY


[ad libs by singers to the end]

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