Don't Wanna Be Right

Ray J

I don't wanna be right (3x)
I rather live
A lonely life

Everyday I wake up
I still think
About the past
I would wake-up
In the morning
With the same clothes
On my back
I would take the money
That I made
And give it to my dad
I was present
On the block
But I was absent
In the class
So hard
For a young brother
I hardly saw my self
And barely
Every saw my mother
I got
In trouble every-day
I loved the drama
Didn't understand
How my first name
Had changed
To brandy's brother
I grew up
Insight of you
Everybody know
I was a fool
Red laces
In my tennis shoes
I blow money
On my dead
Homies funerals
The critics say
I'm out
Acting a fool
I'm tired
Of being excused
I'm putting out
These sex tapes
I'm just living my life
Just because
I'm making money
And my chain so bright
I make the night time day
Cause my wrist so light

I don't wanna be right (3x)
I rather live
A lonely life

Composição: Homer Banks / Ray J
Enviada por Rafael.
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