Últimas músicas que ouvi

  1. Endless War Within Temptation
  2. Tainai Tokei Toshi Orrery Revolutionary Girl Utena
  3. Konnichi wa, Akachan Revolutionary Girl Utena
  4. Tenshi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari Revolutionary Girl Utena
  5. Spira Mirabilis Gekijou Revolutionary Girl Utena
  6. Watashi Banbutsu Hyakufushigi Revolutionary Girl Utena
  7. Toki ni ai wa Revolutionary Girl Utena
  8. Yakusoku Love Hina
  9. Fuuin Jubaku Revolutionary Girl Utena
  10. Heizoku Uchuu ni Fumetsu no Koutei Revolutionary Girl Utena
  11. Virtual Star Hasseigaku Revolutionary Girl Utena
  12. The Other Half (Of Me) Within Temptation
  13. Murder Within Temptation
  14. Thoughtless Evanescence
  15. Gloomy Sunday Emilie Autumn
  16. Our Solemn Hour Within Temptation
  17. Let It Be The Beatles
  18. The Clairvoyant Iron Maiden
  19. No Prayer For The Dying Iron Maiden
  20. Prodigal Son Iron Maiden
  21. Caged Within Temptation
  22. Run Silent, Run Deep Iron Maiden
  23. The Show Must Go On Queen
  24. Jane Doe Within Temptation
  25. Running Free Iron Maiden
  26. Baby Please Don't Go AC/DC
  27. Tourniquet Evanescence
  28. Let There Be Rock AC/DC
  29. The Jack (Live) AC/DC
  30. Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses
  31. Listen To Your Heart Roxette
  32. Shake a Leg AC/DC
  33. Race Against Myself The Offspring
  34. Sistema Clandestino II Sistema Clandestino
  35. Radio Ga Ga Queen
  36. Sanctuary Iron Maiden
  37. Rising Power AC/DC
  38. Eminence Front The Who
  39. Say My Name Within Temptation
  40. Riff Raff AC/DC
  41. Synchronicity II The Police
  42. I Can't Explain The Who