Últimas músicas que ouvi

  1. Ode To Heath Michale Graves
  2. Lucifer I Am Michale Graves
  3. Locked Away Michale Graves
  4. Crying On Saturday Night Michale Graves
  5. Frost Bite Michale Graves
  6. Such Horrible Things Creature Feature
  7. A Gorey Demise Creature Feature
  8. It Was a Dark And Stormy Night Creature Feature
  9. Casket Michale Graves
  10. Oh, Please, Why Michale Graves
  11. Almost Home Michale Graves
  12. The Best Of Me Michale Graves
  13. Blackbird Michale Graves
  14. My Immortal Evanescence
  15. Clown Switchblade Symphony
  16. Thank God I'm Pretty Emilie Autumn
  17. Tea Party Kerli
  18. Blue The Birthday Massacre
  19. Children Of The Corn Sopor Aeternus
  20. Opheliac Emilie Autumn
  21. Gloomy Sunday (cover) Emilie Autumn
  22. Gothic Lolita Emilie Autumn
  23. How Strange Emilie Autumn
  24. Marry Me Emilie Autumn
  25. Liar Emilie Autumn
  26. Coraline Rasputina
  27. If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love Rasputina
  28. Dia de Los Muertos Voltaire
  29. I'm Sorry Voltaire
  30. Ghostwolves Calabrese
  31. Vampires Don't Exist Calabrese
  32. There Is An Evil Inside Calabrese
  33. Halloween Misfits
  34. Fiend Club Misfits
  35. Nobody Thinks About Me Michale Graves
  36. Stand Inside Your Love The Smashing Pumpkins
  37. The Cigarette Duet Princess Chelsea
  38. Misery Loves Company Emilie Autumn
  39. Mommy`s Little Monsters Creature Feature
  40. The Greatest Show Unearthed Creature Feature
  41. A Fate Worse Than Death Creature Feature
  42. Try, Try, Try The Smashing Pumpkins
  43. Goodnight, Demon Slayer Voltaire
  44. The Vampire Club Voltaire
  45. Buried Alive Creature Feature
  46. Vagabond Michale Graves
  47. Dawn Of The Dead Michale Graves
  48. The Shining Michale Graves
  49. Teenage Monster Michale Graves
  50. The Eternal Haunting Michale Graves