Últimas músicas que ouvi

  1. Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney
  2. Junk Paul McCartney
  3. Teddy Boy Paul McCartney
  4. Dizzy Miss Lizzy Paul McCartney
  5. Oo You Paul McCartney
  6. Man We Was Lonely Paul McCartney
  7. Every Night Paul McCartney
  8. That Would Be Something Paul McCartney
  9. The Lovely Linda Paul McCartney
  10. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach Gorillaz
  11. A Little Respect Erasure
  12. Straight Up Paula Abdul
  13. Wild Wild Life Talking Heads
  14. Invisible Touch Genesis
  15. Powerslave Iron Maiden
  16. Lucy Can't Dance David Bowie
  17. Love Changes Everything Climie Fisher
  18. U Can't Touch This MC Hammer
  19. Karma Chameleon Culture Club
  20. Still Loving You Scorpions
  21. Notorious Duran Duran
  22. In My Time (cover Sampler) Go Ahead
  23. The Power Of Love Huey Lewis
  24. What Is Life George Harrison
  25. Let It Down George Harrison
  26. Beware Of Darkness George Harrison
  27. I Live For You George Harrison
  28. Run Of The Mill George Harrison
  29. Behind That Locked Door George Harrison
  30. If Not For You George Harrison
  31. Wah-Wah George Harrison
  32. My Sweet Lord George Harrison
  33. I'd Have You Anytime George Harrison
  34. Smile Smile
  35. Avalon Bryan Ferry
  36. More Than This Bryan Ferry
  37. Jealous Guy Bryan Ferry
  38. Love Is The Drug Roxy Music
  39. Oh Yeah Roxy Music
  40. Slave To Love Bryan Ferry
  41. I'm In The Mood For Love Bryan Ferry
  42. Avalon Roxy Music
  43. I Put a Spell On You Bryan Ferry
  44. More Than This Roxy Music
  45. Kiss And Tell Bryan Ferry
  46. Jealous Guy Roxy Music
  47. The Same Old Blues Bryan Ferry
  48. Don't Stop The Dance Bryan Ferry