Let's Go

Olympic Hopefuls

Every day is a disaster
So we live for the darkness
Like the Hollywood vampires
We sleep until the sun sets
And stay up all night
In the arms of the moonlight
I'll meet you outside your window
We'll disappear in the shadows
Let's go!
Put on your Monday best
We're going for a ride
We gotta get out West
We gotta get outside
Hey, alright
It's a.m. time
And we've got Mini-thins and nursery rhymes
The lights fade in the distance
Drivin' away from the skyline
We've got the world in our headlights
Everything will be alright
Let's go!
Until the sun is up
Until the gas is gone
Until the pills wear off
Untill we come undone
We could stay up all night

Composição: Erik Appelwick
Enviada por Giu.
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