Lost And Found

Ola Podrida

The car crashed but everybody was okay
But that don't mean we're gonna have to stay
So c'mon, I'm ready to go when you're done
Let's trash this place before we run
And if we both fall down
Another train will come around
Packed with others getting lost and found

By now we're finishing each other's thoughts
Everyone else seems to want what we've got
But I'm not afraid to say goodbye
As long as someone else has caught my eye
Everyone's a dove when they fall in love
The roses cover up the old debris
Keeping their eyes down
Until they can't ignore the sound
Of all the others getting lost and found

We all have hearts so pure
But some hearts can't endure
The iridescent light of folly's lure
We give in to the sound
Of that old train coming 'round
Packed with others getting lost and found

Composição: David Wingo
Enviada por Flavio.
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