Don't take it personal


Shoulda known it when I met you
Everybody was trying to tell me
But you had me blinded
It's all good though
Now I understand…

Verse 1:
What you did was shady, girl
Thought you were my lady, girl, that's why
I straight made you girl
Gave you all the finer things in life
Homie said to stop the flow
Told me you were nothing but a ho
I ignored him though
And you took me through fo sho

I guess this must be why
Most guys (Don't get personal)
Just when we decide
It's all right (We get left alone)
And even though I try, I can't hide
(What I'm going through)
Thought you would be mine, only mine (and I fell hard for you)

Verse 2:
I guess I shouldn't even trip
Homie said get over it, I've tried
But I can't forget
How you had me open for your lies
Every other girl I meet
Can't even trust, because I've seen
What you've done to me
Ain't no telling when I'd be ready

Chorus x2

I remember when, you said I was your only man
But I'm wiser now, and I'll never hurt again
Getting over you, if it's the last thing that I do
No, we can't even be cool
I don't need a friend like you

Chorus x3 til fade

Composição: Ne-Yo
Enviada por Alessandro.
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