Come On


Step outside and listen.
As you cut through the tension,
the world is crumbling down around you-it's found you.
When you woke up yesterday,
there was nothing left for me to say to you
because you wanted me to be true.
When all you feel is pain,
ands somehow things have changed I'll be coming home to you.
When I forgot to call,
you knew it all,
it was coming down on you.
Will you still be waiting,
that's something I can't ask you to be.
Will you be still waiting for me?
I'm waiting for you and something is wrong,
but I just can't put my finger on it.
You never listened and you'll never listen now,
you know what I'm about,
but is that sufficient?
Do you hear the words I say?
It hurts when you talk that way.
You say you'll listen cause you'd like to live together lives,
but come on,
you could have any other boy to take my place and hold when you're feeling alone.
How can you say that I'm supposed to stay when you talk on to me that way?
Oh come on.
I can't see what's supposed to be,
but if you trust me it might turn ok.
What are you gonna say?

Composição: Midtown
Enviada por Pedro.
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