Where Did I Go Wrong

Martin Sexton

The venetian blinds are open tonight
Just enough to let in the street light
And the shadows paint lines over everything
In the room

There's my chair by the phone
The coat on the floor
Look like dark horizons that lead to the door
On that old Christmas candle you carved the words
I love you
And since you've been gone
There's nothin' right

Where did I go wrong with you
Where did I go wrong

No more dim Sunday night's dance to that sexy radio show
Our hips locked tight
Your neck sweating glow
All sweet night, we'd cook
Supper slow
And oh by the way
You left your candle babe

Burning down
IÕm begging darlin' please

Where did I go wrong with you
Where did I go wrong

Was it something I said or did or didn't do
Was all I had not enough for you
Tell me where did I go wrong with you

All the life we were burning through
What with your memory shall I do
I opened up the deepest of my inside
It was all I had left to give
To you.
Where did I go wrong with you

Composição: Martin Sexton
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