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  1. Bella Ciao Banda Bassotti
  2. Superman Goldfinger
  3. Take It Or Leave It Sublime with Rome
  4. Impression That I Get The Mighty Mighty BossTones
  5. 99 Red Balloons Goldfinger
  6. Bandiera Rossa Banda Bassotti
  7. Juanito Alimaña Héctor Lavoe
  8. Light On Sublime with Rome
  9. A Message To You, Rudy The Specials
  10. Ghost Town The Specials
  11. Merlim Bota Gasta
  12. I Know Save Ferris
  13. Fischia Il Vento Banda Bassotti
  14. Spokesman Goldfinger
  15. El Cantante Héctor Lavoe
  16. Blackout Sublime with Rome
  17. We Will Fall Together Streetlight Manifesto
  18. Bella Ciao Skamoondongos
  19. Existence SiM
  20. Stalingrado Banda Bassotti
  21. El Dia de Mi Suerte Héctor Lavoe
  22. Luna Rossa Banda Bassotti
  23. Same Old Situation Sublime with Rome
  24. The Three of Us Streetlight Manifesto
  25. Una Storia Italiana Banda Bassotti
  26. Do Nothing The Specials
  27. Figli Della Stessa Rabbia Banda Bassotti
  28. You Better Listen Sublime with Rome
  29. A Better Place, a Better Time Streetlight Manifesto
  30. Gasoline Sublime with Rome
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