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  1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
  2. I Miss You Blink-182
  3. Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day
  4. Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Clash
  5. 21 Guns Green Day
  6. Basket Case Green Day
  7. Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
  8. Pet Sematary Ramones
  9. American Idiot Green Day
  10. Eyes Without a Face Billy Idol
  11. The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring
  12. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day
  13. Holiday Green Day
  14. All The Small Things Blink-182
  15. Jesus Of Suburbia Green Day
  16. I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones
  17. Poison Heart Ramones
  18. Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones
  19. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring
  20. When I Come Around Green Day
  21. Até Quando Esperar Plebe Rude
  22. Self Esteem The Offspring
  23. Last Resort Papa Roach
  24. What's My Age Again? Blink-182
  25. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) The Offspring
  26. Come Out And Play The Offspring
  27. Adam's Song Blink-182
  28. She Green Day
  29. Candy Iggy Pop
  30. With Me Sum 41
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