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Lyrics Born

This is hard for me to write it's difficult to express this
Its heavy on my shoulders and the weight gets relentless
The story of brothers and a beautiful friendship
And how relations get strained with pressure and tension
Who's wrong, correct, so, so, subjective
You look back its hard cos the mind gets adventurous
Dates get mixed up facts disconnected
The only thing you remember is the feeling that you're left with
It started as a blessing

Now you could write this off as luck or one of life's coincidences
But at some point you think god damn what are the chances
People with similar interests and influences
Coming together at that moment to form a kinship
It's like you knew that you was brothers before your conception
Even if you're not a spiritual person I admit shit
At that point I wasn't but at some point it sets in
It be foolish to dismiss this as coincidence
Now this shit is different, somewhere this is written
Be part of a mission, this shit is predestined
Closer than close like flesh is to tendon
Share my 50 cent bag of chips with my freshman
Half a half a gas station sandwich no question
Talking shit to me well then talking shit to him then
Family is sacred it must be protected
Family is sacred and it must be protected

Over time I don't know what happens something got infected
People grow in different ways at different rates I guess
It ridiculous, little shit it suddenly gets big shit
Lapses in communication, glitches in the system
He said that she said what nobody said shit
But you'll never know cos everyone's passive aggressive
I sit down smoke pow wow how everyone said shit
People cease to make the effort to get to the essence
Peep this shit out though this shit is really twisted
Funny thing is that you and I do it every minute
We take it in rhetoric every time somebody says shit
Against us stock piling every little incident
What's stupid is all the bullshit that's circulating
Could be fixed in an instant with simple conversation
But you know how pride is
A bitch with her fist clenched
That mixed with the fat drama gets addictive
Wounds need dressing and they don't receive attention
It snowballs and festers and creates resentment
People demonise each other brave discontentment
But nobody could've been prepared for the next step
The nature of the predator is calculated pensive
Waiting in the brush patiently revving they engines
Despite the colour that they got all they see is crimson
Waiting for they prey to become desperate defenceless
Outside is always over just beyond the fences
Today the gate is open though today they make an entrance
Friendly at first laughs jokes like we best friends
Slowly though you start to see they become hidden agendas
Nine to five one day insecure self perceptions
Shines a spotlight on all those paranoid self perceptions
Things begin to heat up everyone's already stretched thin
How could you be well how could you be so deceptive
Any second now someone will snap like a bread stick
And what once was simply dissolves like a breath mint
Just like that you start to ask yourself questions
Is this really worth all the emotion and depressment
Do the benefits and perks outweigh the pressure
Let me step back give this relationship assessment

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