Birth, School, Work, Death

Local H

Been turned around till upside down
Been all at sea until I've drowned
And I've felt torture, all alone
Just watching crap, it's laster one
I've been abused and I've been confused
And I have kissed the government shoes
And I been high, I been low
I don't know where to go

Birth, school, work, death (x2)

And cocaine was the love you gave
From the cradle to the grave
And boys and girls don't understand
The devil makes work for idle hands
I cut myself but I don't bleed
'Cause I don't get what I need
And doesn't matter what I say
Tomorrow's still another day for

Birth, school, work, death (x2)

Yeah, I been high, I been low
I don't know where to go
I'm living on the never, never, never
This time it's gonna be forever
I'll live and die don't ask me why
I wanna go to paradise
And I don't need your sympathy
There's nothing in this world for me

Birth, school, work, death (x2)

Birth, school, work, death (x4)

Composição: Chris Coyne / George Mazur / Kris Dollimore / Mike Gibson / Peter Coyne
Enviada por Adriano.
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