Lil' Flip Vs. Paul Wall

Lil Flip

[Lil' Flip]
When I met you last night you dumb hoe
all you wanted to do is get a room and smoke my dro, oh no
but when I put my hand on your ass
you said that you was wearin a pad
I got mad then I kicked ya out the room
I said you dumb hoe you go pay the bill by noon
ima go to the club and find me a hoe
call the office book me a show
mo money mo money thats what I need
I got drank and I love to smoke my weed
yes indeed I speed when I'm in my car
Cause everybody know Lil' Flip a superstar
and I don't give a damn who ya are
or where your from
ya come to my city
bring ya gun

[Paul Wall]
If I spill gurilla milk on my clothes I can do that
guess whos back in a blue lac
yeah you know whos that
I'm like Shaq
Cause my car got shoes thats fat
and the speakers hittin so hard
they'll bruise ya back
It's paul wall but alot of people might not know
been in the game all my life its just my first year pro
and I'm the leading scorer
I leave mics poorer
Cause I leave 'em broke
everytime I rap its horror
I'm cold but I'm not just refering to my ice
I went to Brooklyn and they told yo kid you nice
man I'm cold but don't make me say that twice
wreckin on this here mic is my life is you with that
when I recline I sit back
Let's get this money out here
Lil' Flip is you with that

[Lil' Flip]
Yeah I'm with that
and don't you forget that
so brake me off a piece just like a kit kat
I want my piece of my pie
Cause if I die
I can say at least I try
alot of niggaz don't wanna work
and when they look in the mirror
and wonder why they pockets hurt
Cause they broke
and wanna buy clothes and cars
in the hood they just a neighborhood star
actin like they got money when they dont
actin like they pay they bills when they wont
actin like they know how to make this cash
man I know how to make it fast
make sure I do what I do
break bread with my crew
go to sleep by two
wake up and I do the sane thang
I'm still the same nigga
weather I wear the same chain
or I push a range rover
as long as when I come out
my shit change over
to a million and one
I'm lil flip
nigga I'm like Nas
I'm a godson

[Paul Wall]
Whos next
better yet who got plex
you need a strack of wet
and a pack of ciggarettes
to test what I profess
Cause right now I'm the best
Cause chamillionaire ain't here
and lil flip just left
oh well
go tell
meet me at the hotel
the ice up in my mouth
got my mind in a cold spell
I'm cold
but it ain't because of the weather
I shoulda brought a sweater
everytime I rap I get better
I'm stackin my cheddar
my car got candy gloss
I got a color changin lincoln
on randy moss
I got 84 swangers up under the fender
choppin game like a blender
return to sender
It's paul wall

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