Dry Lips

Lightspeed Champion

So now i'm holding in my sides, and my bags are over spilling,this leads me to think.
My guts have started to boil, and my stomach keeps on spinning. thank you, my friends.

The next stop is not echo park so i've shut my eyes, i'll pretend instead.
You don't have to tell me this is wrong.
I know but i can't erase two years of my life.
Even in my dreams if you turn up i'm unhappy.

I take a step, and carve all the horns. the wings are trapped in the door,
I sure feel, the spit.
And everyone is staring,it's all so overwhelming, if they didn't look would i still complain.
Of course , i would.

A disquieting pre occupation,the keys to a nightmare which i taped,
And made sure, i watched daily.
This required a careful touch and a swinging chain.
Put the salty water in my broken wounds....

And then..

Tell her..
I give up...
He's won.. and i have lost all.
My humanity.
And now..
I give up..
I give this planet another 10 years at least, sarah... my sweet..sarah, my treat. keep running from me.

Composição: Devonté Hynes
Enviada por Vinicius.
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