In the Middle

Late Night Alumni

Here you are, there they are
And I’m like the man in the middle
If I’m the peacekeeper you’ll find me between the lines
I see you one by one each come undone when there’s a rumble to be won
It’s a riddle, and I’m the man in the middle

You have it on good faith, you know you gave it a fair shake
And you could burn your bridge or patch it up when it breaks
Yeah I’m a quick, closed book
I know you all wanna read it but I’ve sealed it up
It’s a good one, but you’re not shaking it open.

Am I your tug of war, or the thin line that I walk on?
If you can’t see me I’m the one sleeping in the light
It’s with me all day long, all night I’m mulling it over
How you somehow walk with a hatchet
If you toss it I’ll catch it

You’re like an axe, swinging your facts
How can I say who’s gone astray?
The fence is made
So far I’ve stayed
Here with one hand on every side ‘cause I’m the man in the middle

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