Another Lousy Day In Paradise

The Knack

I never thought we'd end up here
You always seemed so damn sincere
Though you say you love me with a smile
Love is just a fashion here it's going out of style

Another lousy day in paradise
Another party girl'll pay the price
Her silent screams
Her dormant dreams
Another lousy day in paradise
Another way to set your soul on ice
The swine'll find their pearl
Here at party party world

You're always greeted with a kiss
And if you're weak you won't resist
Being this month's model is the best
But you change your mind and heart here like you change your dress

Living for the late show
Living for the no-no's
Just close your eyes and keep repeating
You're getting what you're needing
Paradise is pleasing
If it has a reason oh yeah
I'm looking for a new nirvana
To visit when I wanna

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