Boys Go Crazy

The Knack

Yeah she's a runaround
She's the heavyweight champion tease
Your cool is world reknown
But your mouth is mumbling please
She'll shake her head and she'll turn away
Yeah you think you're gonna die from the pain
But she knows what she's doing what she's doing what she's doing
What she's doing is she's screwing your brain

Yeah the boys go crazy
Boys go crazy when the girls say no

I ain't a chauvinist
But the girls are a different breed
I hate to tell you this
But you ain't gonna get what you need
You're so in love that you're gonna pop
Yeah you know you're gonna crack from the strain
But she's doing what she wanna what she wanna what she wanna
What she wanna while you're going insane

You've heard it all before
But you just didn't want to believe
You open up the door
And you pin your heart on your sleeve
Yeah she's the one you've been dreaming of
And you're gonna leave the heartache behind
But you know where you're going where you're going where you're going
Yeah you know you're going out of your mind

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