I Wish I Was A Train

Paul Kelly

When I was a little boy I used to lie in my bed
and listen for the '9:09'
It never ran on Christmas or the day that Jesus died
but every other day it ran on time
It always made me lonesome but it brought me comfort
and what it did to me I can't ex plain
And as I wonder through this harsh and gentle world
Oh every now and then I wish I was a train
Roll on roll on into the dark night
Leavin' all my troubles be hind
Carryin' my soul far far away
Oh every now and then
I wish I was a train Harmonica Break
I loaded trucks in Isa rode the dingo fences
cursed the ganger on the western line
Started throwin' punches in a bar at Charters Towers
They threw the book at me I did my time
Cause a train don't weep a train don't feel
heartache sadness and G pain
And when I die just let my spirit ride
on the boxcar of an ever rollin' train

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