Back To Youth


My years have come and passed
Oh, so fast
My time is flying by
I'm senseless

Why does it speed up?
Inside I heat up
Aging and raging because of what won't return
Acceptance is a joke
Don't you know?
No one can honestly
Say they age happily
So much I'm wasting
While I am hasting
Please come to terms with the fact that I'll never learn

So take me back to youth tonight
Bring me back to living
'Cause I can't live without my life
Time is unforgiving
Is it just me who's hurt?
Or do you feel the same as me?

That your age is never right
It's always out of place
Always out of place...

I used to think one day
I would say
"It's time, so here I am!"
It's such a shame, it never came
'Cause procrastination
And my hesitation
Has ruined my chance to enjoy every song and dance

So take me back to youth tonight...

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