Toast To The Death

Immortal Technique

Here's a toast to the dead
If you don't drink, smoke to the head
For the freedom fighters killed by the feds
For those who died hard in the streets, soaking in red
And died slow asleep in a dream, choking in bed
Here's a toast to the dead
For my enemies that have gone
I'm not a coward
So celebrating that would be wrong
I pray to god that your soul will come back again
So i can see you in the next life and finish it then
A toast to the dead
For criminals burning in hell
I wonder how many presidents
Are burning as well
Emperors, popes, senators, generals
Amputees still are lucky
Until they see the vegetables
A toast to the dead
For those who are forgotten
Written out of history
By the corrupted and rotten
Black saints whitewashed during la reconquista
Thousands of indios spaniards used to conquer the incas
Fuck a moment of silence
I need a moment of violence!
Like the nineteenth century caribbean islands
Long live those who came before that paved the way for me
The warriors and scientists that came before slavery
And if that last lyric was predictable
Take your clairvoyance and apply it to life in the physical
Presumptuous, half-hearted homunculus
Self-destruction is the power
Without knowing what the function is

Here's a toast to the dead
For all of my fam
I will never let an idea die with a man
My rhymes are like nazca lines designed to give a view of this
J dilla's still alive as long as his music is
A toast to the dead
For rap legends and pioneers
Your legacy won't be forsaken as long as i am here
Knowledge of the past and wisdom of the present
I teach and leave in the hands of a worthy lieutenant
A toast to the dead
For children with cancer and aids
A cure exists and you probably could have been saved
Sad to see medicine divorce morality
Corporate homewreckers pimping up the salary
A toast to the dead
For those that'll die today
The victims and those exonerated by dna
The only thing worse than giving freedom to the guilty
Is killing the innocent and leaving your soul filthy
Immortal technique, remember me when i'm gone
I encrypted my lyrics to stay alive in a song
So you'll always keep a piece of my spirit inside
When you struggle to complete what i started before i died
But some of you won't survive the changes the earth makes
Swallowed by tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes
And that's just the first stage if you cannot reverse ways
And realize that we are one regardless of our birthplace

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