All These Things And More


If I had the world I'd give it to you in a blink of an eye You'd be up in the sky with the stars
Wouldn't it be nice if that was true, I'd give it to you if You said you'd love me too

I carry your picture in my mind, all the time, when I think of you would you think of me one more time
If I fall this time I'm done for good, when I think of you, would you think of me one more time

Why do I get lost in your eyes
When I see that your okay it just makes me wanna say that I
have needed you for so long it doesn't feel so wrong because I know we belong
together you and I

I get lost in your eyes, I know you never lie
I have seen your fantasy I know that you dont' have me
I know how you're frustrated and how you've hated going around on the merry go round of life and I
want to hold you give you hugs and give you kisses now don't You miss this
We lay under the stars, we throw rocks up real far, you look at me you are, the best friend I have ever had
Your hand lies on my chest, I whisper your the best, feeling every beat of me and stealing every other girl away

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