Inside a Human's Head


My kind will not fall
My pride can´t go on
I don´t recognize
My face in the mirror

Lord... don´t you know
The despair I´m carrying inside?
It seems to be a dead end
I am locked into this faithless hope

"The human soul is like a natural burden
The human beings can not escape from this curse
They have no choice upon it"

My kind will not fail
My pride can keep on
I still don´t recognize
My face in the mirror

"Now at this moment
I am being so much more human than I wish to be
But inside I feel
I may be this chosen one
Will the cries be in vain?
Will I remain in pain?
Will the Moon open her eye and gaze at me?
Will the Gods listen to the apeal of the Humanity?
Will our heros show their faces?
Will our deaths echoe in eternity?"

Lord... my wounds
Insist in not to heal
I am carrying Open Scars
To remind me that my past was real

"God... can you hear my plea?
Can you heal my wounds?
I don´t wanna have Open Scars
I just want to be me...
Are you listening to me?
God? God? Are you here? God?"

"I don´t know what I am doing here
What about the people from my kind?
I don´t know what I am looking for
In a certain moment..
the inevitability will set you up
The eyes can see a trace
The ears can hear a call
The nose can smell a fear
The hands can touch the wounds
The mouth can easily feel the taste of my blood
I ignore the innocents from behind
I have the size of my sight
I am not trying to get away
I am just wondering if I can really reach the light
I know... I can´t deny...
I can´t ignore the reason that I am I
I just couldn´t realize
That we are here to do what we are here to do"

I am not ready to run away
Or neither ready to stand and stay
I am fighting the voice inside
It is not letting me realize
The purpose of life isn´t to end
The holy gate is under the sand
The eyes of sanity will set me free
And then I will get away from here

"We must not be afraid
God will be by our side
This fallen mind will not reach
The holy gate and the holy lies
Humanity will sleep in peace
The sanity will be domained
By the men in black that will
Never let the souls rise"

I will not fade away
I will not give up
The gnosis will make me rise

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