Sweet Little Girl

Dr. Alban

Don't dare you border my thing
Cause when I man come I don't come pan knife I come pan gun

Who want thing, hey

NY thing, hey
London thing, hey
Stockholm thing, hey
Frankfurt thing, hey
Munich thing, hey
Moscow thing, hey
Africa thing, hey
Asia thing, hey

Everything is the same thing
That thing between your legs
What a thing
Gimme that thing dat mi order you

Mi have a little girl call Beatrice
Mi make love to her she get pregnant
9 months later she get a baby boy
What name little Dr Alban
But when we are home reggae music have to play
But we have a thing in common
But that no mean mi no love her and she don't love me
Sweet Beatrice what a thing
Gimme that thing dat mi order you

Sweet little thing you better watch yourself
You better watch yourself my pretty darling

Hey hey hey

Composição: Dr. Alban / Todd Terry
Enviada por Leticia.
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