• Vikings


    Shield Wall - Amon Amarth
  • It's the way of vikings

    É modo dos Vikings

    The Way Of Vikings - Amon Amarth
  • Vicious vikings, cruel crimes

    Vikings violentos, crimes cruéis

    Horrible Histories Opening - Horrible Histories
  • We've defeated vikings

    Nós derrotamos os vikings

    Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid - Alestorm
  • Crossing wild oceans, the vikings lead

    Atravessando oceanos selvagens, os vikings lideram

    Will Of The Strong - White Skull
  • Vikings are sailing to plunder in the East!

    Vikings estão navegando para saquear no leste!

    Drakkars In The Mist - Folkearth
  • 'Cause us vikings don't care what you think

    Porque nós vikings não nos importamos pro que você pensa

    Literally: The Viking Song - Horrible Histories