• Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers

    Ouça as trombetas, ouça as flautas

    The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
  • And the trumpets they go

    Os trompetes, eles fazem

    Trumpets - Jason Derulo
  • You hearin 'em, trumpets crack the

    Ouvimos as trombetas, ressoando no céu

    Revolution - Kirk Franklin
  • Trumpets, towers and tenements

    Trompetes, torres, e cortiços

    The Whole Of The Moon - The Waterboys
  • Blow your trumpets, Gabriel!

    Toque suas trombetas, Gabriel!

    Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel - Behemoth
  • And when their trumpets play

    E quando suas trombetas tocam

    Carry Me Back Home - Blues Saraceno
  • Sound the trumpets of the dawn

    Soam as trombetas do amanhecer

    Silent Call - Angra
  • Trumpets sound

    Soam as trombetas

    Locust - Machine Head
  • Let the trumpets blow with your appearance

    Deixe o trompete tocar de acordo com sua aparência

    Best Friend (feat. Eminem) - Yelawolf
  • As it grows into trumpets

    À medida que cresce em trombetas

    Morning Train - Raul Seixas
  • Trumpets the end of time

    Trompeteiam o fim dos tempos

    Spirit - Ghost
  • Blow the trumpets, baby, blow

    Toque as trombetas, gato, toque

    Carnaval (part. Pitbull) - Claudia Leitte