• Make it pain painfully quick, uh huh

    Fazer isso dolorosamente rápido, uh huh

    State Of Love And Trust - Pearl Jam
  • Modern-day unsustainable, painfully mundane

    Insustentável nos dias modernos, dolorosamente mundano

  • (Painfully)


    The Best It's Gonna Get - Celldweller
  • Painfully logical

    Dolorosamente lógico

    Superman Tonight - Bon Jovi
  • Or painfully shy

    Ou dolorosamente tímido

    Cut - Plumb
  • I waited painfully

    Eu esperei dolorosamente

    Forsaken - Dream Theater
  • Or painfully shy

    Ou dolorosamente tímido

    Cut - Vampire Diaries
  • Painfully and slow

    Dolorosamente e lentamente

    Archangel (feat. Malukah & Clark S. Nova) - Elena Siegman
  • Painfully shy to everyone

    Dolorosamente tímido para todos

    My Precious - Soko
  • I'm unprotected and painfully confined

    Estou desprotegido e dolorosamente confinado

    The Seduction Of Indulgence - Korn
  • I have painfully turned every stone

    Virei dolorosamente cada pedra

    Overjoyed - Alcione
  • In the chill of your stare I am painfully lost

    No gelo do seu olhar estou dolorosamente perdido

    A Love Like War (feat. Vic Fuentes) - All Time Low