• The painful scream that I heard last

    O grito de dor que ouvi por último

    Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
  • Painful to me

    Doloroso para mim

    Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
  • Oh, it was painful, it was needed

    Oh, foi doloroso, foi necessário

    Butterfly - Demi Lovato
  • Losing you is painful to me

    Perder você é doloroso pra mim

    Goodbye - Air Supply
  • As painful as this thing has been

    Por mais doloroso que isso esteja sendo

    Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill
  • Used to think that loving meant a painful chase

    Costumava achar que amar significava uma perseguição dolorosa

    Finally // beautiful stranger - Halsey
  • It's turnin' into a deafening, painful, shameful

    Está se transformando em um rugido ensurdecedor, doloroso e vergonhoso

    Ode To The Mets - The Strokes
  • Then suffocate in painful tortures

    E então sufocar em torturas dolorosas

    Pisces - Jinjer
  • But you still I had to play this painful part

    Mas ainda tive que representar esta parte dolorosa

    Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli
  • Too painful

    Doloroso demais

    Broken Heart Of Gold - One Ok Rock
  • I admit, it's been painful, painful

    Eu admito, tem sido doloroso, doloroso

    Revival - Selena Gomez
  • So painful, so pissed off

    Tão doloroso, tão puto

    Riot - Three Days Grace