• Ooh oh, oooh oh, oh, oh

    Ooh oh, oooh oh, oh, oh

    Always Remember Us This Way - Lady Gaga
  • Oooh


    IDFC - blackbear
  • If you need it, oooh

    Se você precisa, oooh

    Redbone - Childish Gambino
  • Smack that, oooh

    Vamos transar, oooh

    Smack That - Akon
  • Oooh, she does, yes, she does

    Oh, ela gosta de mim, sim, ela gosta de mim

    Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles
  • My name change from Lil Wayne to Oooh Wayne!

    Meu nome muda de Lil Wayne para Oooh Wayne!

    Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) - Ariana Grande
  • oooh

    Mas a arma ainda faz barulho, a arma ainda faz barulho oooh

    Spirits - The Strumbellas
  • Oooh baby let's cruise

    Oh querida, vamos viajar

    Cruising Together - Gwyneth Paltrow
  • What I really wanna know, my baby, oooh

    O que eu realmente quero saber, minha querida, oh

    Santeria - Sublime
  • Oooh


    Touch Of Heaven - Hillsong Worship
  • Oooh


    Everything Changes (feat. O Rappa) - SOJA
  • Oooh, I fall apart

    Oooh, eu desmoronei

    I Fall Apart - Post Malone