• More wood for the fires, loud neighbors

    Mais madeira para as fogueiras, vizinhos barulhentos

    Toxicity - System Of a Down
  • See the Bedouin fires at night

    Veja as fogueiras beduínas à noite

    Beautiful Day - U2
  • Set fires to my forest, and you let it burn

    Você incendiou minha floresta e a deixou queimar

    Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez
  • In the night, the fires are burning bright

    Noite adentro, as fogueiras ardem em chamas

    The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden
  • The heat of a thousand fires

    O calor de mil incêndios

    Crying In The Club - Camila Cabello
  • Put in our fires, but now there is silence

    Coloco nossas fogueiras, mas agora há silêncio

    Golden - Now United
  • Out by the gas fires of the refinery

    Ou perto das chamas de gás da refinaria

    Born In The U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen
  • I’ve been putting out fires

    Estive apagando incêndios

    Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
  • Will we burn inside the fires

    Quando queimarmos dentro do fogo

    The Catalyst - Linkin Park
  • To put out the fires in my soul?

    Para apagar o fogo na minha alma?

    Ashes - Céline Dion
  • And I had too many flash fires

    E eu tive muitos flashes

    Drugs - EDEN
  • From the fires we've been told

    Dos fogos, nos disseram

    Black Smoke Rising - Greta Van Fleet