• Curtains closed low

    Cortinas fechadas

    ...And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around - $uicideBoy$
  • Tell the driver close the curtains

    Diga ao motorista para fechar as cortinas

    I Like It (feat. Bad Bunny & J Balvin) - Cardi B
  • With the curtains drawn

    Com as cortinas fechadas

    California King Bed - Rihanna
  • Will you love me when the curtains close?

    Você vai me amar quando as cortinas se fecharem?

    Just For a Moment - High School Musical: The Musical: The Series
  • Behind the curtains

    Por trás das cortinas

    I Belong To You - Jacob Lee
  • Pull the blackout curtains down

    Até depois da morte

    Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  • We'll draw the curtains

    Vamos fechar as cortinas

    This Is How You Fall In Love - Jeremy Zucker
  • We have the curtains drawn and closed

    Nós puxamos e fechamos as cortinas

    Dream - Imagine Dragons
  • Curtains like waves closing in all around us

    As cortinas como ondas se fechando ao nosso redor

    All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap) - Fifth Harmony
  • You pull back the curtains

    Você puxa as cortinas

    This Is The Day - The The
  • So let's go home and draw the curtains

    Então vamos para a casa e fecharemos as cortinas

    Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones
  • Or just close the curtains up and stay inside?

    Ou apenas fecharia as cortinas e permaneceria dentro de casa?