• But everybody cries and nobody comforts

    Mas todo mundo chora e ninguém conforta

    Giving In To The Love - AURORA
  • 'Cause it comforts me

    Porque ela me conforta

    In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
  • Still there's one thing that comforts me

    Ainda existe uma coisa que me conforta

    Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
  • Green room chock-full of all my comforts

    Sala verde repleta de todos os meus confortos

    Tyler Herro - Jack Harlow
  • There is a comforter who comforts me

    Há um consolador que me conforta

    Starts And Ends - Hillsong United
  • Loneliness still comforts me

    A solidão ainda me conforta

    Having a Blast - Green Day
  • That she comforts you tonight

    Que ela te conforte esta noite

    The Spoils (feat. Hope Sandoval) - Massive Attack
  • The masked comforts to delusionals, they're all

    O ilusório e mascarado conforto, estão todos aterrorizados

    Tentative - System Of a Down
  • These comforts to me

    Estes conforta-me

    Just Around The Corner - Cock Robin
  • Your shepherd staff comforts me

    Teu cajado me consola

    The House Of God Forever - Jon Foreman
  • My comforts all guaranteed

    Todos meus confortos garantidos

    Mirror, Mirror Part II - RWBY
  • I see her face, it comforts me

    Eu vejo o rosto dela, e isso me conforta

    Dracula - Iced Earth