• It can be cleansed

    Pode ser purificada

    Can't Pretend - Tom Odell
  • It was the blood that cleansed me, ha

    Foi o sangue que me limpou, ha

    Wash Us In The Blood (feat. Travis Scott) - Kanye West
  • Have they cleansed you with chloride

    Eles te limparam com cloro

    Celestica - Crystal Castles
  • I'm cleansed in the fire

    Estou limpo de fogo

    The Game - DragonForce
  • Cleansed by fire, restored

    Purificado pelo fogo, restaurado

    Scars Of a Generation - HammerFall
  • And since he cleansed and made me whole

    Desde que Ele me purificou e me fez completo

    He Touched Me - Elvis Presley
  • Cleansed your mind of sepsis and automony?

    Limparam sua mente do ceticismo e autonomia?

    God Song - Bad Religion
  • Now life can begin, I've cleansed all my sins

    Agora a vida pode começar, eu limpei todos os meus pecados

    Something Human - Muse
  • The end we'll all be cleansed

    No fim, seremos todos purificados

    39 By Design - Drab Majesty
  • As I swam I was cleansed

    Enquanto eu nadava eu era purificada

    God Is Real - India.Arie
  • Horrors discovered, now have been cleansed

    Horrores descobertos, agora foram limpos

    The Heretic Prevails - Shadow Of Intent
  • They have cleansed all sin and evil

    Eles limparam todo pecado e mal

    Sonnet Of The Wretched - Chelsea Grin