• And the bullets catch in her teeth

    E as balas se prenderam em seu dente

    Paradise - Coldplay
  • The bullets?

    Das balas?

    Sign Of The Times - Harry Styles
  • See many bullets coming through

    Não vejo muitas balas vindo

    Ride - Twenty One Pilots
  • Out of the doorway the bullets rip

    Do outro lado da porta as balas disparam

    Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
  • Another round of bullets hits my skin

    Outra rodada de tiros atinge minha pele

    This Is Me - O Rei do Show (The Greatest Showman)
  • Two bullets in my Uncle Tony head (my Tony head)

    Duas balas na cabeça do meu tio Tony (na cabeça do Tony)

    Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock) - Kendrick Lamar
  • Oh let the bullets fly, oh let them rain

    Oh, deixe as balas voarem, oh, deixe-as chover

    Believer (remix) (feat. Lil Wayne) - Imagine Dragons
  • But the smartest shit I did was take the bullets

    Mas a coisa mais esperta que fiz foi tirar as balas daquela arma

    Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem
  • I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet

    Sou criticada, mas suas balas ricocheteiam

    Titanium (feat. David Guetta) - Sia
  • Your lies are bullets

    Suas mentiras são balas

    Kill 'Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez
  • Firing bullets in the sky

    Disparando balas no céu

    Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
  • Dodgin' bullets, reapin' what you sow

    Desviando de balas, colhendo o que plantou

    DNA. - Kendrick Lamar