• She belongs to me

    Ela é minha

    Steal My Girl - One Direction
  • Sometimes I can't tell if my body belongs to me

    Às vezes não sei se meu corpo pertence a mim

    Cradles - Sub Urban
  • 'Cause my heart belongs to you

    Porque meu coração pertence a você

    After Hours - The Weeknd
  • Where she belongs

    Onde ela pertence

    Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne
  • It all belongs to the other side

    Tudo pertence ao outro lado

    The Spectre - Alan Walker
  • It belongs to them

    Ela pertence a eles

    Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil
  • Because the night belongs to lovers

    Porque a noite pertence aos amantes

    Because The Night - Patti Smith
  • That missing you belongs to me, oh

    Que sentir sua falta é minha sina, oh

    Wild Blue - John Mayer
  • Because his laugh belongs to me

    Pois a sua risada pertence a mim

    How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Toni Braxton
  • Belongs to us

    Pertence a nós

    Cruising Together - Gwyneth Paltrow
  • And he belongs to her now

    E ele pertence a ela agora

    Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden
  • Out where the world belongs

    Fora do mundo que pertencemos

    Meet Me Half Way - Kenny Loggins