Taylor Dayne

You were standing right
In front of me
Talking and talking
But you didn't see
The hurt living in my eyes
The sadness I knew
I had I knew I had to hide
This love we had
I never questioned it
I knew day one
We just fell deep in it
But something is happening
I'm not sure
What the future means

Sometimes we crash
Sometimes we fall
Sometimes are worth
The fight like love
Risk it all
Sometimes we crash
Sometimes we break
But at the end
Of something
Something new begins

Now we're facing
The hardest part
The thought of loosing you
Has me so torn apart
But baby
I think we can make it now
Just break it down
Rebuild it up somehow
Baby tell me
What do you need
Maybe we should just fall
To our knees


You said you'd love me for life
I know it's hard but just try
To understand where we are
In this place and time
I don't want to be
The one to let you go
And say oh no goodbye


And we crash and we fall
Love will capture
And we crash and we fall
But love will capture you

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