Ex-Boyfriend (translation)

Crystal Kay

Can't get no more
since that incident, you're just my Ex-Boyfriend

Ain't my baby making me fall
into that trap perfectly
Can't make those tricky eyes
too frequently, can't you?
As for love,
ain't your baby too soon, so
that whisper voice
is ineffective
& isn't sexy
You're too sly, aren't you?

That day at the bus stop, I just happened
to see my boy kissing that girl in the car
That disbelief, it was the worst moment
I couldn't breathe
Am I being dumped?
That was what my heart was convinced of, oh no
Maybe it's come to this?
I cry, telling myself hey

Can't you see? U hurt me My first true love
I muttered to myself
Let me down Told me lies Made me cry, and love no more
You aren't my boyfriend anymore
Can't you see? U hurt me My first true love
It's none of my concern now
Can't get no more
from that incident
U R just my ex-boyfriend

At tonight's party, I happened to see
your eyes casually stabbing my back
What is it? Are you alone?
In the crowd, drawing me close
Is your heart pretending?
As for that, my heart is already broken

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