Almost Gone

Colour Haze

Heading down the highway, roaring done the trail
I try to burn that gasoline, man, I know it’s a wicked spell
Don’t try to burn our lady, man I know she’s the one to heal
Everything keeps turning and it’s a life on the wheel
I’m almost gone...

Everything is hiding, hold myself allright
Anything I’m finding and it got two sides
And I was said, and I was said at the age of 17
Hear my son don’t miss the bus, man I know it’s a life on the wheel

Dubdubdududubdubdu – I’m almost gone

I got these things in mind yeah, hold myselfs allright
Got this thing go better now man, your heads will be surprised
And hold myself and I got this song
Got this song, get on the move, man I know I’m too far gone

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