Peace, Brothers & Sisters

Colour Haze


I feel that out there something isn't right
I see that we are so locked out and so uptight
I feel that we areall that separated and disparted
And I see that we are all that disconnected

And I see what we all need and deserve to get most
I see what we all need and deserve to get most
And I'm gonna try to give it to you now
I gotta drop my lovebomb down

Gotta drop a lovebomb
Gotta drop it down


Brothers and sisters! We gotta move along
Sister and brother, we gotta get together sing a song
Hope we won't deny it, man we are living in a cage
Hope we will make it, to free ourselves

Mothers and Fathers, now come on get off you lines
Let us join together and we'll be just fine
Come on lets get dancing and get yer ya ya's out
Come on and get ready, come on twist and shout


All my life is sad now
I feel this isn't right
I'm left outside without hope
I know this is my time
Help me sun get happy feel allright
Be happy and I'll be ok
And I know that it's my life
I gotta be today

Composição: Colour Haze / Stefan Koglek
Enviada por Lucas.
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