Swamp Tearz


Tiny windfall
Woolen woodland weary
Wet whiskers winter and grey
Damp marble blurry eyes
Ooze exhausted flames of light
Old cat with brittle mustache
Thinking by a string
In a house

Feeding a heart
Reading his diary to a mouse
Rain beats the window panes
Blue a splash of freshness
Against all the moldy devastation
He goes for walks in his canoe
Sandleless with candles
Murmuring of many miracles
And love triangles and circles

It's been almost a year
And I’m tempted to cut my hair
Throw away the solid locks and move on from there
Wander the world like a broken boy
With no device for love
Join some hobos on a bench
Tip it back in the sun
Pour one half of mercy
Pour one out just for fun
Can’t seem to shake this tunk

Still got you in my blood
Still got you under my skin
I fall to my knees cause my legs get weak
I open my mouth but I still can’t speak
I try to dial your number but my memory has gone bad
From when I saw the hypnotist to wash away all the sad
But the feelings they still remain the same
The weather it hasn’t changed

I try to cross the street
It’s still raining on my feet
Earthquakes and hurricanes is how we dealt with
All the spilled milk and the tea stains
I’ll be alright my humble offering
I try to give to you
You didn’t want her like a pair of shoes never used
Futile my love has been in vain
Like a spring rain after a spring rain

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