Mind Diary


Vast space, directed signals
blackness beyond belief
clear message, soul in torment

Fatal error, the human factor
computer science cold and strict
tube nutrition, vitamine x

Metal casing, coffin appearance
feeling the comfort
meet the brothers who share your fate

Eons of time
expendable beings

Make me feel
drain my life again (cry no more)
leave me be (i will ease your pain)
faceless beings
exploring my mind (light your life)
let it end (rely in our warmth)

Plastic life
surrounding darkness
a first class betrayal
read my mind diary

Dreamless pain, artificial sleep
unreliable briefing
assignment starts, never ends

Trauma thoughts, recorded in cortex
connecting the reader
give judgement, bring sentence, committer will pay

Ancient story, bleeding memories
greeting the void, dim the light
outer limits my final frontier

Eons of time
expendable beings
lost, cold and lonely
read my mind diary

Composição: B. Eliasson / M. Andersson
Enviada por Guilherme.
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