Blues Warrior

Brown Brigade

Blue Warrior

I'm the blues warrior,
A brown 6 string samurai from 1300AD.
I travel the world baby,
Playin a ruckus and slayin suckas.
Now once upon a couple of days ago
I was sitting on my porch
Looking for my smoking torch
When I detected in the air
Something that made my nostrils scorch.
Now I say I recognize those wack jack Broken sacroiliac,
Frick frack diddley squat,
Teeth like a train track,
Rick James stringbean looking fools
Sneaking up on my back steps they was.
Only one thing to do.
So I jump back draw my sword
And say "Lord Have Mercy".

Now after I whupped those riff rafscallions
I proceeded in a left foot right foot manner
Throught the realm of reggae
But first I must say goodbye to my cat King Tubby,
Goodbye King Tubby.
Now in the realm I found my smoking torch,
Of course i use it.
But a burning in my stomach kept telling me,
"Go see Oz you idiot."
Boy if I would have know what the Australian would say.
"What'd he say brotha?"
Well he said,
"Go seek master Ken,
We must unite the realms mate."
And thats why I ended up in this funky forest.
Now a funk master like I've never seen before approaches me.
So I jump back
I draw my sword
And I pray to God that I don't drop that shit.

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