Mona Lisa Overdrive

British India

He'll be dead in an hour
Here's your phone back, a taxi is coming now
So let me know when you want to leave
We'll melt the plastic and find out what's underneath

You've got to kill your doubt
Open your mouth up and spit all the white noise out
And half past ten I call back, I put on war paint and act like I never asked
My blood turns white
I can't believe what you just said
I've been through this before, i hoped I never would again
As girls shine like magazines
Avoid us falling like masonry

I had to asked myself, what are you thinking
My mouth is filling with glass, what are you thinking
My blood is laced with caffeine
Melt through the plastic and find out what's underneath
The music is louder than god
The future is rushing at me like asphalt
Remind myself that I could walk away now
Wake up one day and this will all be gone
What did you say, I see you and I remember why I stay
I had to ask myself what are you thinking
I've waited my whole life for you to come around
Now your golden hair, angel skin holds me underground

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