Energy Blast

Blood Stain Child

The wings take me...
fly to my sweet memories tonight
in my sleep..I am a freebird

"Now we cannot (be) together"
Yes I know, this is my life
I'll just see you in the rainy time
There is not past and future
there is nothing in boardwalks

I wish...
When the end of my life ties
my smiles just lie (on) couch
being for her (is) far and away
and go back in circle
I'm in the wind (and) run toward xxx around the world

"When downfall" pains your fate, you find place"

Go! Fly now! To faraway
--go flight faraway-- fade...
--guilties no fade-- way...
--exit fades--
the world wastes for desire
--no this world (i'm) beseeching desire--

dance with the pray ya in the nightfall
dance with the fear in my icicle
the vibes starting energy blast
the end that story of the insane
yes, i fly to a place

(the) voices stay in my heart forever
and (the) voices is calling my voice
the wings take me..
fly to my sweet memories tonight
in my sleep...i am a free
you fly...
take me..

Composição: Blood Stain Child
Enviada por Pablo.
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