Into The Sea Of Sorrow

Black Swan (Rock)

I stand alone, i await
The moon to rise, the sun to set
Memories filled with wounds and scars
Like nails driven through my heart

Night lays over me her dress
I shall depart this feeble flesh
No more have i pride to bend
Into endless sleep i shall descend

Alone i walked through the night
Like a disharmonic note in the song of life
The song that was never sung to me
No pleasure ever touched me deep

I was one of the lost seven
Stars in the sky of reality
I was a demon lost in heaven
Like a wolf i was among the sheep

A vast, black sea opens before me,
It is the sea of tragedies
It is dark, deep and shoreless
And its storms are all woven of grief
Too many ships have pushed their luck
And tried to find the other side
They all have sunk one by one,
(as they) got lost in the stormy, starless night

The waves they whisper to me,
They beg me to dive into the sea
This is the end of the trip,
I shall be part of infinity

Into the ocean of melancholy

Hope is a fake relief in the path of the weak
The feeble eyes did never see
What lies there far beneath
How could i suffer..
How could i dive into ephemeral dream
For my pleasure is pain
And my merriment is grief

Our souls are like ships
That sail on the sea of sad infinity
The journey is not endless,
Yet its end can we not foresee
Some ships stuck in dead calm
Fading to gray obscurity
Others raped by headwind
And none ever gets overseas

I stare the awaiting ocean,
It screams for another sacrifice
I do not fear its dark abysses
For i never ned the guiding light
In the end there will be no war,
No fight between the opposites
The sea just turns into ice,
We never saw the paradise

I behold; the blood drips on snow
Filled with pride i stand
My stare is calm yet i do rejoice
The keys to death are in my hands

What is this pain
Which grows inside my frustrated heart?
In the still of silvery moon
I lie alone stained with blood

Composição: Black Swan
Enviada por Paulo.
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