Autumn In Eden

Black Swan (Rock)

Fear upon the promised land,
They know we are to come
Arrival that shakes the ground
And sombers the sun

Like plague upon the feeble flesh,
Shadow upon their souls
Prophecies of coming age
Which our swords shall bring forth

In the horizon they can see
Darkened clouds gathering
Our hordes they near,
Yet them they cannot see

They will never see the dawn,
Our swords to bite their flesh
Our seed to be sown
To make their offspring powerless

For what did they win
On their quest to reach the sun?
Enforced to partake the hopeless ride
Which left their will undone

Desolated is the eden,
Jewels of time have turned to sand and dust
Autumnal wind sweeps the remaining life
And the wintry kingdom will everlast

Winds remain calm,
Clouds fall like rocks from the skies
Dead are the trees, flowers covered with ice
The silence is complete in my wintry paradise

Autumn in eden...

I walk over angel wings
And broken demon horns,
The rebel servants shall be torn
This kingdom is now mine,
The mountains and the seas
Flowers wither and die, wintry supremacy
Into blackened hole in the sky
The sun above has turned
Frost covers the falling leaves
As the heavens burn

Nightfall over my kingdom
As my reign thrusts deeper
The dying paradise
...autumn in eden

Composição: Black Swan
Enviada por Paulo.
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