It's a matter of mass
It's a list of numbers
The importance of sense of weight
Deafening noise of thunders

It's a matter of physics
Or a matter of strength
Imperial system, obsolete
The variants were maintened

I will determine what you will be
And you shall live up in the air
I will ordain what you will see
And what you ought or could repair

Thou shalt be a triple
Thou shalt be also cardinal
A measure of balance
Or just someone special

Thou shalt be hidden beauty
And will affect what is real
You should cultivate magnolias
But you remain stucked in what's virtual

And the stars in the sky
They will be there to guide you
They will shine intensily
And the stars in the sky
They will be there to hide you
They will hide you from your fears

Composição: Black Cold Bottles
Enviada por Bruno. Revisão por Bruno.
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